HSI Reflection

What I learned at my HSI Storytelling Through multimedia is the make up of America’s media and the changes its went through in the past years. I acquired the skill to evaluate our medias bias and ways that the media affects the populous with their celebrity images and subliminal messages. In my AIDS class I learned the effect of AIDS and its origins in America and how Americans feel towards it. How having AIDS is strenuous and takes a lot of time management with pills to keep you alive.

What I’d like to remember in the future is the want I had coming here to want to broaden my horizons and learn the opinions of others on certain issues. I want to remember that anyones opinion on an issue matters and they should be heard.

My favorite memory  at HSI is the dance. What I loved most about the dance was the energy of everyone at the dance and the pure enjoyment of the event. Everyone there was enjoying themselves and there was an ultimate sense of community even though most times people got moody it was all shared.

I’ve grown from being here by having experience interaction with other smart students. I’ve learned how to interact with different kinds of people and conversational skills to be used with them. I’ve become more extraverted and friendly here. I’ve learned to become a little independent but all the same more co reliant.

HSI has prepared me for college life here by being on campus 24/7 and getting used to the feel of the campus. Along with that but getting more interaction with the professors here.

If I could relive HSI I would try to be less awkward and show my true self more often.

When I get back home I’d tell everyone that I enjoyed myself but the violations were stupid and the rules can be a bit much but over all the experience was great and life changing. I would recommend anyone to come here and experience what I did.


In American television there are the stereotypes portrayed in either reality television, sitcoms or even commercials. Nowadays gender stereotypes are not as prevalent but when it is it isn’t portrayed maliciously as it was in the olden days as it is in modern society. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rI0mwUYXhqI


The racial stereotype as seen in this video havent changed with African-Americans being either hilarious or talented dancers/performers. Nowadays racial stereotypes are exploited as funny because of the impact its had on some people. Now its seen as those we can laugh at it now moments and everyone seems to be on the same page about it.

People with disabilities have been portrayed as co dependent and sympathetic. Nothing malicious has been portrayed of them but with the GLBT its portrayed with major homophobia. The GLBT community is seen as metro sexual and flirtatious although in real life they may not be as such. There wont always be a gay or lesbian person who is all up in the face of a heterosexual individual as portrayed on television and because of that most people develope homophobia and don’t want to be approached by gay people in fear of that event occurring.



Note: I challenge the reader of this blog to read this and watch/ listen to this epic rap battle and all the random photos. Good luck!)

Hey guys its me here yet again and today I am gonna talk about multitasking. This is a subject that everyone debates as possible when someone tries to get you to focus on one thing instead of the other; like music and homework. Some would respond that they can multitask and that not allowing them to is an injustice. For me I believe that multitasking is obviously possible but of course you’ll put more quality in your work if you focus solely on one subject than two or three.

For me the exception is music. Music is known  to calm people in some situations. Depending on what kind of music and what mood it puts you in. (NO SKRILLEX) .

In schools it is becoming more allowed to multitask with the use of music but for some of us we either spend too much time jaming to our fav artists or ignore the words in the song.

My opinion on multitasking is that in most cases it may help others focus on relaxing and centering your self in a state of business and pleasure. Allowing one to get things done socially and academically. It does handicap the multitasker by doing this because all of your efforts arent as balanced as one may think.


An early MTV station ID

An early MTV station ID (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey guys its me yet again and today we are gonna talk about MTV and their marketing strategy. Originally MTV only played music videos and the like but now MTV has grown and probably not in a good way. With the rise of reality tv and the advertising MTV has grown from its roots. What strikes me as wrong about MTV is its search for the beauty pageant midriff girl. They portray that women should show off their sex appeal and to be just like the pretty faces on tv. It in effect makes all girls have the want to be as accepted as Brittney Spears or as talked about as Kate Upton. In a way MTV is saying all girls have to be skimpy and all guys have to be mooks.

Mooks are the persona of guys that are jokester and loud and don’t care what others think of them. Their counterparts are the Midriffs, the female persona that cares about what others think of them, radiate sex appeal and have to have a pretty face. They are a reflection created by MTV to get more viewers and plant the want to be like them and cause the creation of more mooks and midriffs.

Since all this has been discovered about, MTV has not changed. Everyone still wants to be a mook or a midriff due to the celebrity on tv.If i were to change MTV I would want them to go back to their roots and play music videos and leave reality tv to other stations. the midriff and the mook vreation most likely wont go away but if mtv just stays to its roots things should die down.

Product Placement

Hey guys its Dr. Delicious here yet again with another blog. Today I want to talk about product placement. The media is getting smarter internet. The Media can subtly getting better and better at placing product endorsements in movies and t.v. shows that some of us may miss. An example can be the Audi in Iron Man 3 and the Iphone’s use on crime shows like CSI and Hawaii five-0.

I think that its ok to suddenly use product placement in a setting isn’t a commercial but as long as it isn’t overbearing. The Transformers franchise for example is a huge product placement engine for Chevrolet and Hasbro toys. It gets over bearing seeing the Chevy logo in a driving sequence almost every time that the autobots have to roll out. But as long as it seems natural I’m ok with it. If a movie or a tv show is made solely on product placement and endorsements then it will lose its credibility and hopefully the viewers will notice and wont tolerate it.

Rapaille, a marketing genius argues that the viewers of commercials have a presaged memory of certain words or things seen in commercials and react to them to either buy or ignore the add. That no one really has a solid reason to buy a Hummer besides its domineering stature. I agree to that because when I see one of those Kit Kat commercials I groove to it and may just buy a Kit Kat to rock to the same rhythm. Rapaille’s theory makes sense because that commercial harped on my inner desire to network and be like the people in that commercial. If you don’t believe me think of a commercial that you’ve seen and have impersonated.

The Media Image

Hey guys, Dr. Delicious here again and I want to start this one-off different. How are you today? I hope you’re swell and have an awesome day no matter when you are reading this Blog :). Today I want to talk about the way the Media portrays the body image. We all see it. The cover of Sports Illustrated, a Peoples magazine; its everywhere. We all enjoy it to an extent though. Lady Gaga’s Curves to Hugh Jackman’s bod . But when is it too much and just plain unhealthy?

English: Lady Gaga covered in "blood"...

English: Lady Gaga covered in “blood” on The Monster Ball Tour, while performing “Teeth”. Magyar: Lady Gaga művérrel borítva a The Monster Ball turnén, a Teeth előadása közben. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)ated or a Peoples magazine. From Lady Gaga’s curves to Hugh Jackman’ s bod. But is it right for the media to indirectly make us feel uncomfortable with our own image?

The Media’s image for us only poses a problem with society when it totally degrades those who aren’t model status in their commercials. Nothing is wrong with having a nice body but when you’re vain about it then it poses an issue.

The Media effects children by telling them what toys they should buy and which ones are dated. It causes the children in our society to become more greedy and selfish. For women, it gives guidelines of being a “proper lady” and wife. Every media outlet pertaining to women most likely has a house keeping aspect or a beauty product placement that all women “must have” in an American society. For men, the media mostly adheres to the need to stay masculine in every aspect.  With products like Dove for men and Old Spice the media stresses on being manly even while bathing. For those in society who don’t have that type of persona it downplays them and makes them less of a man. For teenagers its more that you’re the candidate of society to do the most wrongs. Meth commercials and abstinence commercials portray American teens as uncontrollable, egotistical , self destructive creatures.

Personally my friends and I have been effected by the media by wanting some of the things advertised to us or the  dislike of those who have taken drugs like in those dark commercials. It allows stereotypes to become more common and biases to form.

I only think this is a problem when it makes others feel worse about them and become self conscious. With this all in effect it can trigger violence for the media to stop. It probably has already gotten to that in some cases but it may become extreme.